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Tangible donations for the 2023 marketplace event are not yet open. If you wish to make a bulk donation of school supplies, new clothing, or hygene products for the event, send an email to backtoschoolmarketplace@gmail.com to make arrangements. Financial/business sponsorships can be made using the same email address and financial donations can be made using the QR code below any time



Back To School Marketplace

The Back To School Marketplace was started in 2016, with two goals in mind: engage youth in serving our community and send students back to school with free clothing and backpacks. Engaging youth in serving our community and their peers is a win-win-win.

1. The community benefits by having a program that is committed to fulfilling the need of sending students back to school with free clothing and free backpacks, giving parents, foster parents, and guardians the freedom to spend their money in other areas such as food and utilities.

2. The students benefit by going back to school with new/slightly used clothing and new backpacks, empowering them to feel confident about who they are and allowing them to focus on school and extra-curricular activities rather than holes in their shoes or clothing that doesn’t fit.

3. The youth serving in the Back To School Marketplace benefit by giving them a sense of worth and purpose by learning how to serve their peers and their community, and that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make a positive difference in the life of someone else.

The Back To School Marketplace strives to emphasize a fun and inviting atmosphere by setting up the location to mimic a department store with bumpin’ music and strobe lights. There is also free food, prizes, and give-a-ways. The GH Community Foundation, Timberland Bank, Children’s Place, JC Penney, Dairy Queen, Old Navy, GH Radio, and Special Memories Photography are just a few of our awesome partners, and we are looking forward to partnering with you too!

Generous donors like you keep the program running. Clothing of all sizes and monetary donations are collected throughout the year. And the monetary donations help fill in the gaps of the sizes of clothing still needed prior to the event. COVID had a huge negative impact on our students but we are looking forward to serving our community, filling tangible needs once again.

With your help the Back To School Marketplace will continue to grow and meet the needs of every student in our community and surrounding areas. Check out the Back To School Marketplace, at: https://youtu.be/BdxMA8UX9Tg

Thank you for your consideration.